5 Best Touchless Trash Cans: Motion Sensor Trash Cans Reviewed

Trashcan reviews? Seriously! When did trash cans become that big deal? Let’s go into a little trash can history. In the US garbage cans were first used at the beginning of the 20th century in New York. They became popular very fast and by the 1980s magazines started to publish articles on how to make them part of the home decor. And today people care about trash cans enough to write and read reviews.

Here are the best touchless trash cans;

  1. iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Sensor CanOpens in a new tab.
  2. Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Infrared Touchless CanOpens in a new tab.
  3. Simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor CanOpens in a new tab.
  4. BestOffice Infrared Touchless Trash CanOpens in a new tab.
  5. iTouchless Dual Trash CanOpens in a new tab.
Touchless trash cans

A lot has gone into the trash cans in the last five years (other than garbage of course) and manufacturers are trying to make them better and better by improving their design and functionality. One of such improvements is the introduction of touchless trash cans. Why go touchless? There are a few benefits to using them, the most notable one being germ-free! Whether manual or touchless the lids of all trashcans will gradually get dirty. And many people are not comfortable with getting their hands dirty, so touchless trash cans are the best germ-free solution. Definitely, they are costlier than ordinary trash cans but they come with better design, endurance and are odor-free to a great extent.

Best Touchless Trash Cans 2021

So here I am reviewing the best 5 touchless trash cans. Why only 5? Because too many choices are confusing (Apple’s ideology)

1.iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Sensor 13-Gallon Automatic Stainless-Steel Trash Can:

This is a 13 gallon garbage can with an extra-wide opening for easy and effective disposal of waste. The opening has a diagonal length of 11.75 inches good enough to allow the disposal of large size debris. Its body is made of stainless steel and is equipped with the best-infrared sensor in the market. These sensors detect movements within 6 inches and work smoothly. It is also equipped with Open and Close buttons for manual operation if needed. The hand holder on the lid lets you open it manually if anything goes faulty. There is an On/Off button at the back which comes in handy to lock the lid from pets and kids. The lid is powered by four heavy-duty batteries of ‘D’ size. You can also use an AC adapter instead but this has to be bought separately.

The iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free trash can is totally odor free. Its lid closes perfectly airtight keeping any odor from spreading. In addition, it uses a ‘Carbon Filter Gate’ which absorbs even the toughest odors. This Carbon Filter Gate is placed in such a way that it exposes the maximum surface area for odor absorption. This comes pre-installed and can be replaced easily.


Its design is simple and attractive. Its cross-section is rectangular (13x9x27 inches) with rounded edges. Though there is no tapering on any sides bag removal is pretty easy. There are some air holes too at the bottom to make this easier (but not a good idea if your bag leaks). Its body is made of stainless steel and the lid is high-quality abs plastic. With its ultra-modern look, this trash can definitely improve the looks of your kitchen.

Ease of use, Durability and more:

The sensors are water-resistant and the ‘eagle eye’ sensor technology ensures reliability. Laboratory tests confirm more than 100,000 lid openings, that’s 20 per day for 10 years! and still, they keep going. The batteries last over 1 year. Since touchless, this product lasts longer than a step-on trash can. The 13-gallon size is plenty for a normal household. And be assured, there won’t be any ‘fallen bag’ problems as the bag retainer ring holds the bag tightly, and it won’t rip the bag either. There is no need for any ‘special’ kind of garbage bags, you can use regular bags or even grocery bags.

I cannot say the customer support for this product is ‘consistent’ as some buyers had bad experiences while others had very positive responses. The manufacturer offers a 1-year limited warranty, you can also return the product within 60-days, no questions asked.

The iTouchless Deodorizer touch-Free trash can is very stable, it won’t be easy for your pet or child to knock it over. But a large dog only need to sniff over the sensors and viola! the lid is open. In such cases, you can lock it using the on/off button. When it comes to cleaning the itouchless trash can is easy to access. Though rectangular its edges are made round for easy cleaning. There are also no edges or holes where the trash can get stuck, the interior is very smooth, all it needs is a wipe with a cloth.

This is the most sold touchless trash can ever. If you are planning to purchase a touchless trash can make sure this is in your list.

2) Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can, 13.2-Gallon

Nine Stars is a very well trusted company that make very good trash cans. About this product; to make things easier and clearer I am stealing a video from youtube 🙂


Yes, it is a little more premium-looking than the iTouchless trash can thanks to the better quality plastic and the metallic look of the lid. This is my favorite touchless garbage can and it has many reasons to be your favorite too.


I love its design, it is definitely premium looking and has a stainless steel body. Unlike many other similar products the stainless steel used here is Anti-fingerprint commercial grade one, while I don’t know about the ‘commercial grade’ part it doesn’t show any fingerprint markings at all. This Nine Stars trash can has a kind of oval shape with dimensions 16.3(W)x11.2(D)x24.4(H) inches. It is wider than the iTouchless trash can but not as taller making it more stable and difficult to knock over. It has a capacity of 13.2 gallons and has a mouth wider enough to pass a 1-gallon jar through it. It doesn’t have any air holes like the previous product instead has a downward tapering to allow easier removal of bags.

Ease of use, durability and more:

The oval shape makes cleaning the Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can effortless. It has a smooth interior allowing easy removal of any debris. There is an On/Off switch below the lid section to lock it when not in use. It uses 3 C size batteries. The battery lasts for around 6-9 months for regular usage (not as good as the iTouchless product).

One thing I particularly like about this product is, you can totally hide the garbage bag making it look very clean and neat. The garbage ring it has allows folding the rest of the bag to the inside of the bin thus avoiding any of it hanging outside.

The infrared sensors can detect movements within 10 inches. It also has open and close buttons and in case you want to operate it manually, there is a hand holder on the lid. You can either use the batteries to power it or use an ac adapter (None of these are included with the product). The lid is air and prevents any odor from spreading.

When compared with the iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free trash can the Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Infrared Touchless has some pros and cons. The pros include better design, more stability, better barrel access, and a neater look by hiding the garbage can completely. The cons include low battery life and lack of a carbon deodorizer. While surfing the web I found some complaints about the hinges breaking easily and the warranty not covering that, I see that as a serious issue for a product perfect in all other aspects.

3)Simplehuman Stainless Steel Semi-Round Sensor Can, Touch-Free Automatic Trash Can with Liner Pocket, 45 L / 12 Gal


This semi-round product is made of stainless steel. A nano-silver clear coat protects the stainless steel from fingerprints and germs. It has a capacity of 45 liters/12 gallons but you can also use 13-gallon bags without any problems. The design of the lid is awesome. For most touchless trash cans the battery is below the lid and there is a good chance the battery and its cover may fall into the trash. But for this product, the battery compartment is on the outside back of the can. There is a compartment at the back to keep bags and you can easily pull them through the inside whenever is a new bag is needed. It uses a planetary gear system for its smooth and consistent operation. The manufacturer claims this trash can to be the most silent, at least 50% quieter than the competitor.

Ease of use, durability and more:

This product is covered under a warranty of 5 years! while all the other manufacturers offer a maximum 1-year warranty. That says all about this product’s durability.

Its intelligent sensor adapts to you and the environment avoiding false triggers and unexpected closures. It opens at a wave of your hand. When not in use the sensing area is confined to just over the lid but while it is open this area expands detecting your presence and won’t close until you finish the task, you no longer have to worry about it closing when halfway through a task. This is one feature most other trash cans lack.

Unlike other touchless garbage cans, the top unit with the lid is attached via a hinge, you cannot remove it. You can manually open this main unit to fit bags or remove the trash, and it is easier than you think. The bags are proprietary and they fit perfectly without slipping. The outer lid closes over the liner and no part of the garbage bag is visible outside.

Unlike most trash cans this one doesn’t come with open and close buttons. And there is no hand holder on the lid either. So if the sensor happens not to work you can operate it by lifting up the outer lid.

The Simplehuman Stainless Steel Semi-Round Sensor Can uses 4 AA batteries (included with purchase) which lasts about a year. You can also use an AC adapter which has to be bought separately.

One notable drawback of this awesome trash can is that it uses custom bags. And in case you do not use the liner pocket on the back which holds spare garbage bags you will actually have a trash can with a big hole in the back. Other than this drawback (and the price) the Simplehuman semi-round sensor trash can is the best choice for your home.

4) BestOffice Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can, 13.2-Gallon

This is ‘the’ budget touchless trash can for your home. It costs around $20 but does its job very well.


This ‘BestOffice’ trash can an oval shape. Its body is made of fingerprint-proof stainless steel. The top unit is made of plastic but looks like metal. The overall finish of this product is good and it definitely looks more expensive than it actually is. Behind the top unit is an on/off switch which can be used to lock the can or deactivate the sensors while cleaning. Next to this switch is the port for an AC adaptor. Below the lid is a compartment for four D size batteries. Sadly neither the adaptor nor the batteries are included with the product.

This Best Office trash can has dimensions 24″(height)x16″(width)x8″(depth) approximately. It weighs around 12 pounds. It has a built-in garbage bag ring that can hide the bag completely.

Ease of use, durability and more:

This BestOffice touchless trash can has the features of many similar high-end products, so how does it differ from those costly trash cans? I mean it must have some drawbacks to be available at such a low cost! Fortunately, those drawbacks I found were all not that serious.

This oval-shaped trash can has a wide mouth, wide enough to easily add garbage without dropping any debris out. The touchless sensors open and close the lid without any difficulty. They can detect motion up to 10 inches at any direction within 130 degrees from the infra-red sensor. The sensor area has two buttons for opening and closing the lid manually. You can also lift the lid up by hand. It is pretty easy to operate this trash can via both touchless and manually. One feature I found interesting is that the lid stays open if it detects any objects within its range, you no longer have to worry about the lid closing when you are halfway through adding garbage. This feature was not available for the iTouchless or the Nine Stars products I reviewed above.

As you expect this is a $20 trash can so it doesn’t weigh as much as other trash cans, the build quality is slightly inferior. It would have been easier to knock it over easily because of the reduced weight but this trash can is made wider and shorter to add more stability,  so what it lacks in weight is made up in design.

The oval design allows for easy barrel access, it is also easier to clean as there are no sharp edges. Odor control is another important feature people are interested in. This BestOffice touchless trash can seal perfectly trapping all odors inside. But since it doesn’t have any carbon made absorption units bad odors can spread once you open the lid.

As mentioned earlier this product uses 4 D size batteries, but sadly many buyers complain that these batteries last only a few months. My suggestion; use the AC adaptor instead of wasting money on batteries.

If you need a good-looking, nicely working touchless trash can at the lowest price this BestOffice product is your right choice. It may not be perfect, you may have to swish your hand a second time for it to work but it is worth every cent you are paying.

5) iTouchless 16 Gallon Stainless Steel Dual Trash/Recycle Can

This is a dual trash can which is convenient for disposing of garbage and recycling. Both cans have touchless sensors that work independently. Each of the compartments can hold 8 gallons. To be exact this trash can works as if two similar trash cans are taped together 🙂 with the bonus of a set of wheels and handles.


The iTouchless 16 Gallon Stainless Steel Dual Trash/Recycle can is rectangular in shape with rounded edges. Its dimensions are 13.88″ D x 23″ W x 23.5″ H. It has trolley wheels for easy movement, and two hand-holders are provided on both sides to easily roll it from one place to another. Its body is made of commercial-grade stainless steel and the top unit is made out of high-quality plastic. Like the iTouchless single compartment trash can, this product too looks elegant.

Ease of use, durability and more:

Wheels and handles are one feature I like about this product. This makes it very convenient to move the can for cleaning or for any other purpose. You can use garbage bags of 8-13 gallon capacity for each compartment, it doesn’t need any kind of special bags either. Each compartment has a plastic bucket which makes bag removal easier. It will also hold the bag tighter without letting it fall into the trash can, it won’t rip the bag either.

Being a dual trash can with good width and depth this touchless trash can will stay stable if your pet or child tries to knock it over. It also weighs a good deal (around 25 pounds) which further improves stability.

The infrared sensors can detect movements up to a distance of 6 inches. Once opened and if no further activity is detected the lid will close after a 3-second delay. Both lids also have open/close buttons for manual use, or you can lift the lid up by hand. Though both the lids work independently they are fixed as a single unit which you can remove. It is powered by 4 D cell batteries, there is also an option to use an AC adaptor. The lids close airtight keeping any odors from escaping out.

Though the trash can doesn’t have any sharp edges it is a bit difficult to clean the buckets, but cleaning the outer stainless steel body is easy.

It comes with a manufacturer warranty of 1 year.

Whether for home or commercial use this dual trash can work wonders for you. If you are looking for a dual trash can be sure to add this to your list.

My Picks

Simplehuman Stainless Steel Semi-Round Sensor Can, Touch-Free Automatic Trash Can with Liner Pocket, 45 L / 12 Gal

“Best Touchless trash can ever! but pricey”

BestOffice Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can, 13.2-Gallon

“Best value for money”